Monday, November 29, 2010

Introducing my partner Adrienne!

I know I mentioned briefly below that I was now shooting with a partner so I wanted to elaborate on that more bc this is new. Adrienne is a friend of mine that I met through a friend when we were both pregnant. We both had a love for photography and decided to trade and do each others maternity pictures (some of mine you will see on my FB page). Once we did that for each other we kept in touch exchanging ideas and tips of the trade. Before too long we were dreaming up ways to start an actual business together. And so together we have collaborated and have gotten quite a bit of business together. So until we get an actual business name and website up and running you will see me post photography updates here and mention Adrienne often. It feels great to have a partner to bounce ideas around with, and a friend who can understand the importance of family, friends, jobs and photography also!
you can find her blog at
We are also working on a website that should follow soon. So stay tuned

More family pics, tis the season!

Its that time of year for holiday cards to go out and so the need for family pictures has picked up! I took pictures of my good friends the Brubakers with their two darling children, Brody and Brooklyn. While shooting two younger kids with NO help was challenging I think I got some good pics!

More Senior Pics

Adrienne and I shot photos for Jake a senior in Loveland, CO.We explored downtown Loveland for his pictures and it was a new experience with fun new locations which was really fun. Jake was a sport and let us take him all over town getting all kinds of great pics!

Family Time!

A couple weekends ago my partner and I, yes, I now have a photography partner named Adrienne; we shot my friend from HS and his family. Their darling boy Jackson will be 1 year in December so it was time for some new photos of the Mr. What a chunky cutie pie he was!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Pics

I was asked to take family pics of Brad, Christy and Elli. What an adorable family, I think you will agree!

Brooklyn Bru growing up!

Brooklyn is growing up! I took pics of baby Brook a few weeks ago as she was just learning to sit up solo. She loved gazing at herself in the mirror, wearing her boa, and waiving her star wond around, what a princess she is!

Anna & Preston pics

This past weekend I joined my partner, Adrienne, to take pics of Anna and Preston (8, 10). They were darling and so well behaved it was easy taking their pics!

Senior Pics~Molly & Katie

I had the opportunity to shoot senior pics of Molly & Katie, whom I met through my partner, photographer, friend, Adrienne. The girls were adorable allowing for wardrobe changes, locations changes etc....I had a lot of fun
shooting these BFF's.

Triplets, Triplets, Triplets!!!

My BFF had triplets on Oct 15. The babies were all very healthy and are already home with Mom and Dad if you can believe that. Unfortunately since Preston (the smallest baby) was in an isolet I wasn't able to get as good pics of him.
Featured here are Gavin:

and Kesleigh:

I can't wait to take their infant pics.....Congrats to Mom and Dad!!!