We—the “we” being Carri & Adrienne—share a passion for photography, scenery, lighting and color.  We are on a united quest to perfect our craft and create lasting memories for our families and clients.

While we are both primarily self-taught photographers, we owe much of our knowledge to other amazing photographers who have been friends and mentors along the way. In order to bring our images to life we use Canon SLR cameras, in conjunction with Photoshop and Lightroom editing software. 

We offer a unique perspective for scene set-up and lighting and pride ourselves on our creative energy and natural ability to see beauty in unlikely places. Our ultimate goal is to create images that are equally classic and timeless yet unique and contemporary.  Being natural light photographers, we believe that shooting in a natural setting with natural light helps to facilitate a relaxed environment for our clients.

Each shoot provides a new challenge which is why we love our jobs so much!  Thanks for taking the time to browse our blog.

Meet Carri:
I love red wine and romantic comedies.
I never leave home without my lipgloss and camera.
I adore my life as a wife and mother.
I am a DIY/craft freak.


Meet Adrienne: 
My favorite things in life: my sons cheeks, photography, traveling, interior design & reading.
I'm a total clean freak!
I never leave the house without: cell phone & Burts Bees lip balm.
I can't live without: family, color, sun, ice cream, date night, camera, girls night out, & sushi.