Sunday, April 3, 2011

Palmer Family pics + maternity

Too cute to pass up!

I love his dimple and LONG eyelashes!
Havin' fun with Mom and Dad!

US pic of new baby Palmer!
Mom and Spiro KISS KISS
Mom and Spiro playing in the flour

Silhouette of mom's belly
Mom & Dad enjoying the rainy day

This weekend Adrienne and I went to photograph some good friends. They are currently a family of 3 (well 4 including Montana, sorry Tana), but in 6 short weeks they will be welcoming a new baby to their family.  We took this opportunity to photograph their adorable family in their new home while also doing some fun maternity pics of Tara.  I know you can't tell by looking at her that her baby is due in just 6 week, she looks amazing, and is ALL belly (lucky girl)!  It was a great experience for Adrienne and I bc we shot mostly inside their home, which is not our usual.  But it was rainy and cold here today so we didn't have much of a choice! And for something different we also played around in their amazing kitchen, Spiro had a blast playing in the flour with his Mommy & Daddy!  None-the-less we did get some great photos that I hope they can cherish forever.