Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More Newborns

How can I forgot to talk about lil Natalie


E pics @ red rocks

This lovely duo,  how fun!
We headed up to red rocks and spent a few hours touring around.
So many fun places to see, and ideas were coming to mind.
Very creative time, with such fun images.
Enjoy you love birds! XO



We love our minis! It's such a great value for our clients, and we love that we get to see most of our clients over one given weekend.
This year was another success, and we are so grateful for everyone who came out again!
Look for our announcement regarding fall mini's coming soon.


Mom of boys

So, I am playing catch up of sorts. This summer has flown by and with both Adrienne and I moving houses, I realized, I haven't taken many photos of my boys lately, and this saddens me.
We both get so busy taking photos of other families, we easily forget to photograph our own boys.
At least I do.Adrienne's much better than I about getting pics of her boy on a regular basis.
So here are some recents, from before we moved.


Maternity and Newborns

It must be baby season, and I like it! Now that we are done having children of our own, we still get our baby fill by meeting all our newest lil ones. Recently, we were at the Schwartz Family maternity session followed by a 10 day old Cecily (love that name so much, btw). She was wide awake through the entire session but we still managed to get some very cute photos of her with her brother even.

We feel so blessed to have such loyal clients and feel truly honored that we get to see them so often, and now watch their kiddos grow up as well!


Soccer season

Well soccer season came and went quickly, thank goodness. Despite his looking sharp in his uni, Cade was NOT into it.
6 long weeks of practices, and games-at which he played in none (his choice).
Maybe next year! 
I enjoyed doing the soccer team photos however!