Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miss Ellia Carcy

I don't know if I am just partial b/c she's my baby niece or what.....but I have to say she is one of the cutest, chunkiest babies I have seen. I took Ellia's 6 mo pictures this weekend. She is so smiley and energetic. She just learned to sit up too! She was super easy to photograph and so fun too! I think you may agree about her cuteness and chunkiness!
I mean look at these eyes~not photoshopped or anything! Just naturally beautiful-lucky girl!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I met a girl and now a friend @ Greek fest. She was striking and I just couldn't resist asking to take her pics. She was kind enough to meet with me and we got some amazing shots. She was so quick to do her own thing and experiment with some poses~which made for fun and interesting shots. I am so glad I met her and got the chance to photograph her! See for yourself the ones I have edited:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Annabelle

This weekend I took pics of baby Annabelle and her mom Jeni. Miss Annabelle was so very petite~she was precious. Her tiny hands & feet were just adorable. And her eyes OMG they tell a story......And her mom's eyes were so beautiful too! Annabelle did so well on our 2 hour shoot. We "attempted" to put some dragonfly wings on her but they didn't work out too well. I think we need to try that in a few months when she is older. I haven't had much time to edit but got these few edited:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sneak Peek~children @ play!

This past weekend I got to take pictures of my 2nd cousins~Maddox & Tucker. They were so much fun and had tons of energy. We went to a local park near their house. They had the basic park toys with a jungle gym, and sand and then of course a water feature. Their parents allowed them to play in the water~clothes on and all. They had a blast.
I haven't had much time to get editing them yet but got these uploaded thus far. I am really hoping to go back in the fall to do some more to get a better variety. But who can resist their cuteness?

Check out how determined Maddox was as she conquered the jungle gym in her cowgirl hat~and her brother Tucker was walking everywhere and lovin' it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby Brody Love!

So I have been busy this weekend. I got the pleasure of taking a few pictures of my nephew Brody. Technically he's not my nephew by blood but my nephew anyways.....He is such a ham and he did such a great job cooperating as his mom and I switched outfits on him, blew bubbles at him, sang and danced like crazies all to make him smile. He giggled and smiled and we got a few cries but what 4 mo old wouldn't cry from time to time?? Even those pics are adorable too! I couldn't help but get a few pics quickly edited and showcased here! Who doesn't LOVE naked laughing, drooling babies?

Just because he's so cute and there were easily a lot of cuteness pics of Brody here are few more:

Ahhhh the simple things in life!

I went for a drive up to Horsetooth Reservoir last week. It was a beautiful day and I had the day off work-yah! The sky was BLUE and the clouds were PUFFY & dreamy. It was perfect. I stopped to take some pics along the way. I couldn't resist but share my fav! I started out taking a pic of this beautiful Sunflower. The blue sky in the background made for a perfect shot! But then this fuzzy bumble bee landed on the flower and WOW how cool!
This weekend we went on a Beauprez Family outing to good ol' Fort Morgan. Its in the country folks! It was a celebration for Evan's Aunt & Uncle being married 50 years! It was a great time to GTG and see the fam. On the drive back home I snapped this pic out of the backseat of a car. Of course I couldn't resist doctoring it up on PS! The before wasn't that great and Evan didn't understand why I was excited about the pic to begin with! I personally think it turned out beautifully!